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Well it was bound to happen

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  • Well it was bound to happen

    Yep, after roughly 4 months without a vehicle, I finally bought one.

    Most of you know I sold my wrx. It was just too much to daily with 2 kids. Went through 2 turbos and a ton of money. I bought that car for 10k in 2007, and then sold it for 10k. The amount I spent modding will remain undisclosed

    In late November I wrecked my huge family sedan, a Chrysler LHS. One of my friends has a 01 ranger that he's always willing to let me borrow. It only has 65k miles on it. I drove that for 4 months while I was looking for a Prius, yes you read that right, in good shape for 6k or less (all I really wanted to spend). I couldn't find one but then the Lexus just kind of fell into my lap. Got it for a STEAL. I really like the car and it's gonna be hard not to mod it. Anyway, what's up guys?
    Josh - NMPOC
    02 Lexus IS300 | work in progress (2JZ-GTE coming soon)
    05 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon | lots of mods | 261whp 268wtq

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