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Official SCPOC Meet: Twist-O-Rama - September 5, 2020

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  • Official SCPOC Meet: Twist-O-Rama - September 5, 2020

    Time for our annual Twist-O-Rama cruise!

    Normally, we have this event at the end of August, but due to our rescheduling of the Angeles Crest Cruise, we're having this one during Labor Day weekend.

    Our starting location will be a little different this year. We usually start at the Elite Athlete Training Center in Chula Vista, but that location has been temporarily closed due to the COVID lockdown.

    We will meet up at 10:00 am and start the cruise from Mountain Hawk Park, which is located near our turn onto Wueste Rd. The address is 1475 Lake Crest Drive, Chula Vista, CA 91915.

    We will then make our way through the canyons of San Diego, passing through Julian on our way up to Palomar Mountain. Last year, we stopped and had lunch at the Julian Beer Company. We could do that again or make our way into Temecula and grab a bite at our usual place: Dickey's.

    We strongly encourages the use of FRS radios with privacy sub-channels. We use these radios to coordinate our group during club events like this one. They are relatively inexpensive and most come with the privacy channels. Also please take care to exercise courtesy when using these radios during an event, as they are for communicating important messages.

    We also have some "rules of the road" that we follow during our cruise events as well:
    • We will have a maximum speed limit and it will be determined by posted speed limits and/or driving conditions.
    • There will be no passing to move from behind a "slow" vehicle.
    • No tailgating of any kind will be tolerated.
    • This event is NOT A RACE. We're here to have fun!
    • Failure to adhere to the above guidelines will result in your being asked to leave the group.
    We hope that you will have fun during this event and at the end-of-cruise dinner.

    The TOR is open to everyone who enjoys a nice drive through the countryside, so if you have any friends or other groups that might be interested, please feel free to share with them.
    ProbeTalk is BACK! Once again, it's what you use the Internet for!

    Let's get DANGEROUS!

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    it's TOMORROW!
    ProbeTalk is BACK! Once again, it's what you use the Internet for!

    Let's get DANGEROUS!


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      Anything happening now?!?
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        sorry i'm late responding to this nate.

        i posted in our facebook group and didn't get much response. i'm sure a lot of that is people doing other things and stuff like how expensive gas is right now. i'll post up something within a couple of months to plan ahead for next year.

        we have a HUGE ford show in april that both stacey and i help organize and plan. next year's show takes place on april 21. registration for that will open on january 1. i usually take my cobra, but i need to get my probe on the road again, so who knows?

        anyway, if you're a part of our FB group, go ahead and post up if you want to do anything.
        ProbeTalk is BACK! Once again, it's what you use the Internet for!

        Let's get DANGEROUS!