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  • long time ago this was a busy site

    wow..i'm glad this service is still around. I was shocked that i logged in on an old name and password.
    I have a beautiful 1991 Ford Probe LX 3.0 liter 5 speed sitting in my driveway. it was revived front to back top to bottom after my stepson beat it to death 1996 to 2002 (dates debatable) as young bucks disrepect, i wrecked my first few cars too. Revived it in early 2005, drove it about 5000 miles and the transmission failed, an unknown problem. here at probetalk we speculated the shift fork cracked..who knows?, i let i sit since 2007. Ran the engine once a month till the expensive fuel pump died sitting in rancid gasoline. its got a leaky power steering hose, and all the abuse from the sun, a hundred wasps nests, and all the mice that found their way in.
    So..I got an undriveable sports car sitting in my driveway..needs tranny work, a paint job, new rotors, a battery, a fuel pump, gas tank must be dropped/cleaned out and checked for leaks, disinfectant, new tires all around, maybe new brake lines and fuel lines too. What to do..what to do???
    is there any parts support anymore? In 2005 i had to find parts all over the east some from green sales co. junk yards, Im worried parts are non-existant. scrap it? part it out? or get her running?? thanks in advance ben...if anyones still here
    1991 Probe LX, 3.0L 6, 5speed, completely stock, everything works, lets keep it that way 'cause its a good car! Whoops! Tranny busted
    1992 F150XLT
    1996 XLH 1200 HD Sportie.
    I used to be Probigeno but lost all my old stuff and seniority, that's OK...I wasn't kicked off, I'm just a lousy PC administrator.
    2006 Civic LX (Yuck! Payments)

  • #2 thy can get you what ever you need.
    Need a chip or parts for your 1st gen GT go here----->


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      That's right!! I remember checking this website 5 times a day to see who said what. I am happy to see some of the old folks still around.