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    The following information is a copy of a bulletin regarding possible explanation and diagnosis of a metallic ticking noise commonly found on 1993-97 2.0L Ford Probes.
    AERA Technical Bulletin TB1633
    Manufacturer: FORD
    Displacement: 2 Ltr.

    Engine Ticking Noise on 1993-96 Ford 2.0L VIN A Engines

    The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding an engine ticking noise on 1993-96 Ford 2.0L VIN A engines. This metallic ticking noise has been heard at idle and may be associated with rough running, stalling, or reduced power of the engine.

    This condition may be caused by an uneven wear pattern in the oil pump control plunger, which results in air entering the oiling system. When air enters the oiling system, the hydraulic lash adjusters will bleed down causing a ticking noise in the upper area of the engine. To test for air in the oiling system, Ford recommends starting the engine and letting it idle for 10 minutes. If a ticking noise is present, replacement of the oil pump is recommended.

    The plunger within the oil pump may also stick, causing rough running, stalling or reduced power of the engine. Starting the engine and running it at 3000 RPM while monitoring oil pressure can detect a stuck plunger. Normal oil pressure may first be 100 psi at startup and then drop down to 80 psi after maximum engine temperature is reached. Normal readings should be 57-71 psi at 3000 RPM. If the engine oil pressure stays near 100 psi, replacement of the oil pump is recommended.

    The revised oil pump, Part#F72Z-6600-AA, has an improved oil pump plunger which reduces the possibility of the above mentioned problems.

    The AERA Technical Committee

    December 1998 - TB 1633

    Courtesy of

    HLA (hydraulic lash adjusters) tick can be caused by collapsed HLAs, insufficient oil, incorrect oil viscosity, old oil, and insufficient oil pressure.

    Sometimes the tick can go away by flushing the oil system to clean out the oil passages and HLAs.
    The oilpump replacement is required for quite a few cars; sometimes the HLAs collapse from oil starvation. HLAs that can easily be squeezed between two fingers require replacement.
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    I've seen the Mazda number as Fs0114100n

    The listings also say the same was used on some later Mazda 4 cylinder engines as well, such as the Protege.
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