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1993 AirBag Code 13

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  • 1993 AirBag Code 13

    Airbag light flashing code 13 indicating ground on the system. I have the service manual and followed the steps. Replaced air bag with SRS Diagnostic tool. I checked for ground on pin 11, 17, 18, 19. No ground. Proper resistance across impact sensors. Still shows code 13. Thermal fuse is blown but still shows 13 indicating short to ground. I have a new Airbag control module, but the problem needs to be cleared before installing it. I replaced clockspring assembly out of desperation. Opened circuit at the airbag to disconnect the impact sensors from the circuit, still no good. Pin 11 should have ~2 volts it has 0 volts. Pin 11 and 12 connect together as should be, no ground on either. I checked every input into the Airbag control module for proper voltage or ground. All are correct except 11 and 12 which have zero volts instead of 2v. I can't figure out why pin 11 has 0 volts causing the Airbag control module to think there is a ground. I did remove the battery negative for 30 minutes and still code 13. I also disconnected the battery and shorted the leads together. Still Code 13. I am hoping someone has run into this before.

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    Do you smell like a hint of a electrical burning smell? check around the module and the fuse box areas. You may be able to find a general area if you have a crossed wire
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