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  • No Spark When Warm

    Hello old friends!

    I am having an issue with my '97 V6. When cold, it will start up just fine and will keep running as long as I keep it in. However, as soon as I shut it off, it will not start again until it cools back off. It is a no spark issue.

    A few years ago I did replace the distributor with a fairly cheap one I found on eBay. I'm wondering if that could be a part of the problem. However, I don't understand why it continues running when it is warm, but then loses spark as I try to start it back up again. Thoughts?

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    I would pop the distrubutor cap off and see what the rotor and contact points look like inside. It does sound like a distributor issue.
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      If I remember correctly, 2 sensors are needed for startup but only 1 is needed to keep it running.
      Then you have the extra crank sensor on front of engine.
      Try this old trick of mine, once hot and doesn’t want to start back up, take a bag of ice on top of disty and coolnit off and see how quickly it starts up.
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