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  • Another distributor topic

    Trying to solve my distributor issue, while reading here I couldn't find a conclusive answer.

    It bucks / misfire under full load up to 4k rpm.
    With 20% (or so) throttle, there is no issue, only with WOT.

    Above 4k it will run without issues. This makes me believe the problem is NOT the crank sensor.
    Tried to swap my distributor for one from the junkyard, but I got shocked when I was turning it (guess the cap is broken then???)

    Switches spark plug wires for another set, no result
    Running a KLDe with KL05 ecu and KL02 vaf in a 1991 Mx3
    Mazda Mx3- Panther black, Kosei 18", custom hood, cleaned, new pakfeifer front, customized pakfeifer rear

    KLZE highcompression, Pippercros Viper intake, kl31cams, MS1 v3, Aasco fly, CM st3 clutch, cai, ss headers, ground wirekit, srd bushings, msd window switches, nitrous

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