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  • EGR Valve Removal

    Hello PT, hope people still visit here.

    I need to remove and clean/replace my EGR. And I need help removing it. I have never removed IM so I though I would try it some other way. I removed the crossmember from underneath (someone suggested) and was able to reach and loosen/remove the two retaining bolts with a lot of hardship and pain. The pipe fitting nut wont budge though and I cannot even properly get to it, somehow I got hold of it with an adjustable wrench head but there isn't much space to turn the wrench.

    Is my only option here removal of IM? If so, is there any write up here preferably with pics (I do have haynes manual, but it's not as helpful, for example for EGR is only says 2 sentences, remove bots and remove EGR like it's easy)

    Any advice would help.

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    I had the same question awhile back when I was doing some other work. I have a brand new EGR valve, and was going to replace the original when doing the other work, but couldn't find a wrench that would allow me to break the nut on the bottom of the EGR loose, so while I had the intake manifold off, I just kept spraying carb cleaner into the EGR passage of the engine block and letting it flow down to the EGR valve to hopefully clean the EGR pintle of carbon.

    That seemed to make a difference after awhile, because in the beginning, the carb cleaner would just flow past the EGR pintle valve down and out of the exhaust (which I had disconnected at the time), but after a few times of filling the EGR passage with carb cleaner, the pintle starting blocking the flow, indicating that the pintle valve was now fully closing/sealing and preventing the fluid from flowing.

    In retrospect, I possibly could have removed the two EGR mounting bolts so that the entire assembly could have been lowered to the ground giving me better access to the fitting on the bottom of the EGR valve.



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