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Tein click assembly solution found!

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  • Tein click assembly solution found!

    I've had problems with my front drivers side dampener click assembly since I bought my Tein coilovers. This winter both the drivers front and passenger front click assemblies stopped working. I was rather distraught, and started doing some research on what it would take to get the dampeners repaired. (the thought of pulling them and sending them in for repair was not an appealing one)

    Then I found a thread in a Maxima forum about how a guy repaired his dampeners in 5 minutes with one wrench and the dampener adjuster allen key. Turns out the top adjuster is a sprung click assembly that has an allen extension under it that fits into a tiny allen screw that threads into the dampener to make the adjustments.

    Tein sells a tiny 8mm wrench, and the click assemblies with replacement allen screws at a great price on their site. I got mine within 3 days from order, and it only took 5 min to replace the assemblies. Now they are adjusting again like new, and I didn't have any down time.

    So if your teins adjuster nob is getting kinda sticky, or is stuck. Your dampeners are probably fine, and you can easily and cheaply fix them on your own in your driveway.
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    i have the EDFC so that's not an issue. :p

    good find chris.
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      Good post, but the correct term is damper, not dampener


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        Love twins. Have them on civic love me


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          Great post. If I ever have that issue I will now know what to do, thanks!
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