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  • camber plate questions

    Hi All,

    I have been doing research because I will be redoing the majority of my suspension in the coming months. One thing that I have a question about is what the difference is between a strut mount and a camber plate, I was under the impression that the strut mount had camber adjustment anyway?

    Also for "kits" that say they come with the shocks/struts and springs w/o camber plates, does that include the upper spring seat and top hat? And what would the addition of the camber plates imply (i.e. what would I still have to reuse from the old setup or order new, such as the mounts or the bearings, etc)?

    Maybe I missed a thread going over this stuff?


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    Strut mount andbplate are totally different. Google camber plate.
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      I guess I need to word my question better. Camber plates are used instead of strut mounts from what I can tell to give more adjustment capability.

      For example when I got coilovers for my miata I got a kit that excluded the shock mounts (they were called top hats for the miata), and it included the entire shock and spring assembly, i.e. everything needed for the shocks/springs between the LCA and the shock tower including the mounting blot, bump stop, the rubber parts for mounting to the top hat, etc, except for the piece of metal that the show bolts to and the nuts to hold everything into the shock tower.

      Would a kit for the probe imply the same ordeal, and would the inclusion of the camber plates mean I won't even need the bearings? Or would there be more parts that the would have to reuse?

      Also Are camber plates insulated in any way like the strut mounts? Or are insulating "washers" needed (like with a miata)?
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