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First gen probe coilover project.

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  • First gen probe coilover project.

    My brother and I just finished fabing up a test coil-over for our....I actually don't know what to call our car at this point. Anyway couldn't find any good coil-overs for the first gen probe that I liked so ended up making our own.

    Used the strut inserts from a Toyota mr2 and coil-over sleeves from a Honda civic(read ebay).
    haven't had a chance to see how they will do yet, but thought it might be interesting or at least helpful to others interested in doing the same.\
    The strut has adjustable dampening and I think that the spring rate is about 450 all around lol.

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    Coilover sleeves:


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      Cool project, curious to see how they do, how does the strut height/travel compare to the factory damper? What was the criteria you were looking for when you were shopping around? There are a few options available as well as adapted 2g coilover setups.
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        More info

        The criteria was just to have fun and see how far we can take this car on a budget, as always with cars though the budget part flew out the window. Some how I ended up buying single stage paint and sata spray gun copy as well as a new compressor for this project. Goodbye retirement. LOL

        As for the travel, it's hard to tell, as to how far it differs from a stock probe, as it's in we have started the process of drilling speed holes for all the weight reduction we can. This have most definitely affected the ride height as we can now pick up the back end by hand and slide it closer to the curb when needed. I would like to think it's my muscles but I think that's just the petrol fumes going to my head.

        Current suspension travel is around two to three inches, but I am fairly sure it won't ever bottom out after we finish fabing up some custom tophats for extra travel. As of now we can't bottom it out even with around five hundred pounds of guys jumping on one side of it.


        On a final note, it's a whole two inches lower than the other side of the car (7 1/16") versus our other side at about 5" and a ton stiffer.

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        more pics:
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