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Spring popping: desperate for help

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  • Spring popping: desperate for help

    I recently did new suspension, and am getting a popping sound from the spring when turning. I'm 90% sure it is the coil seat, just not turning at the top at making the spring jerk and pop when rotated. Do I just not have the coil seat rotated correctly?

    Here's all I did:

    Tokico Illuminas in front and HPs in rear with tein stech springs
    All mounts
    Bump stops and bellows
    The front seats and moved the old top and bottom rubber insulators over

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    Recheck your strut bearing installation, it is not rotating like it suppose to and trying to rotate the spring instead.
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      I did new mounts with bearings. I was under the assumption the bearing doesn't turn in the mount, that the d-shaped end on the rod holds it and the rod turns at the strut body.