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GI: Custom Made "" Sequentially Numbered Badges

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  • GI: Custom Made "" Sequentially Numbered Badges

    Custom made name badges for

    Each badge is sequentially labeled beginning with #0001 to #0100. Please note that these are limited edition badges. The number can be increase from 100 to 150 or 200 if theres enough interest.

    Since badge numbers are unique, if you see a car on the road with a specific badge number, you can look up what member that was on the cumulative GB List!


    3" x 1" 1100 Alloy Aluminum with Brushed/Satin Finish with a hard anodized clear coat.
    3M VHB (Very high bond) mounting tape
    Strength: 25 lb/in of 90 degree peel adhesion strength (440 N/100mm)

    Anodized / Clear Coat Specs:

    Mil-P-15024D Type H & G
    Federal Spec GG-P-455B


    Chemically anodized black and blue dyes followed by a mil spec anodized clear top coat. The result is an image that is chemical resistant, and highly durable for outdoor applications in direct sunlight and in salt water conditions. The plate of metal itself would have to be destroyed to affect the image due to the state of the art manufacturing. Traditional silk screen or printed badges has color that can scratch off with your fingernail, and the colors fade in UV light... These military spec bad boys do not have a raised ink surface and will last a lifetime.

    Each badge has been anodized and CNC cut from a sheet of 0.050" aluminum alloy sheet which is very robust. In addition, each badge is backed with 3M 4949 VHB Black foam tape. This is a premium mounting acrylic/rubber-like pad that will allow your badge to mount to your exterior paint, or textured surface plastics. Designed as an exterior fastener to replace rivets, spot welds, and liquid adhesives, 3M VHB is made of a viscoelastic acrylic foam that is energy absorbing with outstanding durability. (UL746C)

    The acrylic adhesive is 100% resistant to full submersion in water, salt water, hydraulic fluid, 10w30 motor oil, and glycol antifreeze. 90% resistant to kerosene, 50% resistant to jet fuel, 35% resistant to gasoline, and 5% resistant to MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone).

    If applied at room temperature, 50% of ultimate bond strength will be achieved after 20 minutes, 90% after 24 hours and 100% after 72 hours. The higher the temperatures, the faster the curing time.


    PLEASE make sure the badge is exactly where you want it to go before applying it. This means first taping the badge to the location you want and checking that it's not crooked. Next, outline the badge with tape to mark the location. Finally, peel back the clear plastic liner and apply firmly to virtually any surface that is clean. The bond will be strong, however it can and will remove cleanly without leaving a residue. Just apply about 90 lbs peeling force and the "rubber like" adhesive removes cleanly.

    The pirce for these would be around $23 USD shipped anywhere in the world.

    I would just need the Admin approve to copy the forum's image to make these. I have attached a few pic of badges i have made for other forums

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    I think this would be cool! So i would be in for one.


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      Yeah I would be in for one. I got dibs on #23. LoL
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        why do they say ford fusion on them


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          Originally posted by 1990pgl View Post
          why do they say ford fusion on them
          read before posting

          Originally posted by darkstarmotorsp View Post
          ...I would just need the Admin approve to copy the forum's image to make these. I have attached a few pic of badges i have made for other forums...


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            Thank you everyone for the interest, but before I can do any type of drawing of these, I would first need the admin approval.


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              True, have you asked the admins yet?


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                i would take a couple as well.
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                  dibs on #13 (if they work out) lol
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                    Originally posted by riithunder916 View Post
                    True, have you asked the admins yet?
                    I'll send them a PM tonight


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                      Ill definitely take one.
                      ARRIVE....RAISE HELL....LEAVE!!


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                        id like #117


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                          since no one metnioned it
                          dibs on #1

                          are they guna look similar to the fusion ones?
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                            Dibs on #114!!!!!!!!!!1


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                              Originally posted by MakatoMotors View Post
                              since no one metnioned it
                              dibs on #1

                              are they guna look similar to the fusion ones?
                              if anyone has dibs on #1, it would be me and no one else.

                              i've still got to talk this over with stacey, but i wish that the vendor would have approached us BEFORE posting a thread.
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