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    umm.. so July 1st i had purchased the GT Underdrive Pulley from the site via PayPal.. and i have yet to receive the item. I have emailed them twice with no response and i even tried calling the 'emergency' number.. and it goes straight to the voicemail.. doesnt even ring. Anyone know whats going on with this company?? I didnt want to have to file a case against them to get my money back but that may be my only option! I'm sorry DSMS but it seems you're screwing me over! Thanks everyone..
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    1994 P GT - the minor mods. engine rebuild and boost is on its way =]

    My 94GT =D

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    1. wrong forum
    2. it hasn't even been 2 WEEKS yet. and don't forget there was a major holiday in there.
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      1. Apologies.. i just figured alot of ppl in this forum may have dealt with them considering they are 'performance' and all.. my bad dude..
      2. i understand that but the least they could do was send an email back?? i sent them one about a week ago asking for a tracking # if available and havent heard from them since.. and they did say all emails would be responded in 12-24 hours? and no phone ring? i dunno it just seems fishy to me

      i sent them a message.. i had no clue they were a vendor here.. thread closed =]
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      1994 P GT - the minor mods. engine rebuild and boost is on its way =]

      My 94GT =D


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        no, no need to close the thread. it was moved to the proper forum, where you should have posted it in the first place.
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          I just replied back to your PM, I'm sorry for the delay. I'm not getting my email notifications from this forum