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Genuine Italian leather shift boots - custom made for your car!

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  • Genuine Italian leather shift boots - custom made for your car!

    Hello everyone,

    We,, are no stranger to the automotive industry. We have been providing our customers (now over 12 000) with QUALITY GENUINE ITALIAN LEATHER SHIFT BOOTS for 5+ years now. If you take pride in your ride - you will want to read this.

    Has your shift boot seen better days?
    Have you purchased a short shifter kit and the stock boot doesn't look good anymore or even hinders shifter travel?
    Do you simply want to upgrade your stock vinyl pieces to finer leather?
    Are you looking for the finishing touch to your custom interior?

    Regardless of the reasons, RedlineGoods has a solution for you.

    Starting with fine, buttery soft Italian leather, we will hand-craft new boots for your vehicle. The boots are made specifically for your model, so they fit your ride perfectly without any modification - unlike generic boots sold by others. See for yourself:

    RedlineGoods has nothing to do with mass production. We're all about YOUR needs and YOUR car, which means a vast array of customization options.

    These range from available materials (leather, carbon-fiber, faux-alcantara, perforated leater), through many color options (30+ colors of material and threads) to various finishing types (quadruple thread, two-tone, stripes and piping) - and we're open to even more custom arrangements. You can find our complete color chart by clicking here:

    You can also order a re-sized shift boot for your short shifter or custom transmission setup, get the boot with the mounting bracket (where available) and order extra padding for your armrest cover. Or if you need a small design modification, for example in order to get your aftermarket shift knob to sit flush against your shift boot - we're the ones you should send an email to!

    Our products are hand made to your order, shipped from Europe and arrive at your doorstep within two weeks from placing an order.

    Our products have been discussed on many automotive forums and we frequently receive great customer comments. Just run a search on RedlineGoods on this forum to find out more about us, our products and our customer feedback.

    Since, as the proverb goes, a picture is worth a 1000 words, here are some of them for your enjoyment. Click the link above them to go directly to our page dedicated to YOUR CAR, where you can easily order them with PayPal or your credit card!

    Probe 89-92 both boots ---> $60.00
    Probe 89-92 ebrake boot ONLY ---> $40.00
    Probe 89-92 shift boot ONLY ---> $40.00
    Probe 93-97 both boots ---> $60.00
    Probe 93-97 ebrake boot ONLY ---> $40.00
    Probe 93-97 shift boot ONLY ---> $40.00
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    Just bought my boot through this company. Excellent product!! It looks and feels great and installs in minutes. I even got it days before expected. I know I sound like one of those diet commercials, but I cant say enough good things about this vendor. One more good thing, fantastic price for a great interior upgrade!
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      Hello everyone,

      as you can see, we've re-vamped our ads since some of them (we have over a hundred of them on various forums) were as much as 4 years old!

      One of the first questions is always about the available colors. I hope this pictures explains it perfectly well!

      Please remember that if you cannot decide without seeing the colors in person you can ORDER SAMPLES from us. For a mere $10 you'll get ALL the samples (a small swatch of each color) and, more importantly, if you actually order a product going by those, you'll get $5 of that reimbursed to you.

      Here's the EASTER DISCOUNT CODE valid until Wednesday March 26th 5DHO624G8Y1.

      Have a great day!


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        whats the easter discount?
        Cheap, Fast, Reliable <=== you can only have 2 of these


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          It's 10%, you have to use the discount code (post above).



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            Hi everyone,

            find below some photos of our STRIPED BOOTS. These can be ordered for any car and unless you specify otherwise, the stripes will be put wherever there are stitches on your stock boot, ie. a stripe is inserted between two adjacent panels, which are also re-sized to make sure the overall dimension is correct!

            Stripes can be combined with stitching which can be CONTRASTING (these two are black perforated leather with light gray stripes and contrasting thread):

            Same as above but solid, not perforated, black:

            Thread can be also MATCHING so it won't be visible

            Thread can be color-matched to the stripes or to the main panels' leather color. Here color matched to stripes, obviously

            Or it can be a completely different color than either the main panels OR the stripes - below is black leather with white stripes and red thread:

            Here's the new code:VVE56MZ3209 valid until April 3rd!

            Take care,


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              Guys (and Girls),

              here's our new faux-alcantara. We were asked for it many times so we finally obtained it in the quality we've grown to expect from the fabrics we use.

              Introducing the DOVE GRAY ALCANTARA

              We'll replace these pictures with one of installed boots once we have some pictures. If you like that color and want to get it for your shift boots, you might be interested to know we pay $5 per each picture we decide to use, so please send us some when you can...

              Here's the code some of you have been waiting for! Valid through Wednesday, April 9th: 563YBNM2M30

              Take care


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                PIPING is a cool, sporty and elegant way to finish off your shift boots. Piping can be done for any car, and it replaces the threads with a special, well, pipe made by wrapping a thin plastic tube with leather. It looks amazing:

                When ordering please make sure to select the primary color as the first leather color and the color of the piping as the secondary leather color.

                Here's the code: 563OWK2KS69 - valid through April 23rd!

                Have a nice weekend everyone,


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                  Hello everyone,

                  another special finishing we offer is QUADRUPLE THREAD. The idea is simple - there are four rows of thread instead of two, and you can choose both the color of the two inside threads, as well as the color of the outside threads. They can all be the same color, but they don't have to - which gives a vast array of visual effects:

                  Here's the new discount code for you: 56C40N4B2NG - Valid through May 14th!

                  Have a great weekend,


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                    Good to see you guys over here as a vendor as well. I'm a ls1tech member & I'm lookin at getting your shift boot, e-brake & console lid combo here soon for my Trans Am.

                    Keep up the good work.

                    For anyone who hasn't bought from them everyone I know that has bought has been extremely happy & impressed with the quality of material & stitching provided at such a great price.
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                      How much 4 alcantara or carbon fiber boots?


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                        $40 for just the shift boot, $60 for both shifter and brake boots.



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                          Some bad news this time...

                          For the first time in 5 years we've been on the market we will have to increase our prices. The reason for this is the continuous decrease in the USD/EUR exchange rate and EUR is the currency in which we pay our leather suppliers. Just so you know, 30% of the cost of our boots is material. Their prices have gone up almost twice in the last 2 years.

                          In order to provide you with the top quality shift boots, we cannot settle for inferior quality leathers to make them with, however their current pricing has made it near impossible to provide our shift boots at the prices they are now. We want to keep our prices low, however, and we've come up with the absolute minimum increase, only directly compensating the increases in costs we incur.

                          Therefore, all prices will go up by $9 starting this Sunday. So all those of you who have been holding off making a purchase, this is the last call before the increase...

                          We will try to make the discount codes appear a bit more often than before (to somewhat compensate the increase) however we only want to publish discount codes if we have something to show above the code, ie. some interesting pictures. So, the more pictures we get, the more often a discount code can be released. AND we pay $5 for each picture we decide to use (it has to be high-res and very good quality to be considered). Hint, hint...

                          Meanwhile, CARBON-FIBER VINYL is the theme of the day today. It's a synthetic material (vinyl-based) with the carbon-fiber structure embossed on it. It definitely looks sporty, definitely automotive and is the base of some very fine looking shift boots:

                          We have several colors of it available so please be sure to check out our color chart:

                          Here's the discount code for today, valid through 5-21: 5V6406LKYO3

                          Have a great weekend,


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                            Hi all,

                            another picture of our stripes (black leather, white stripes, orange thread):

                            And another discount code: 5KAV6X4812Q - valid through Wednesday, June 4th.

                            Take care,


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                              perforated leather is a very nice, sporty addition to any interior:

                              It combines very well with our finishing types:

                              1)Stripes (here - BLACK PERFORATED LEATHER WITH SILVER CARBON FIBER STRIPES... I know they look white, but they are silver CF for sure, the camera flash makes them look whitish):

                              2) Piping (light gray piping on perforated black leather in a C5 Vette - notice how well it matches with the seats - though they are a completely different color, the same pattern of perforations makes them really come together!):

                              another sample of perforated leather and piping:

                              Here's the new code: 56ST4G86SI0 - valid through Friday, June 20th!

                              Have a great day,



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