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CZT Owner Found in Tucson, AZ

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  • CZT Owner Found in Tucson, AZ

    Alright I have been thinking, asking and thinking further on how I should handle this situation.... and I feel its only right of me to come forward with everything I know so that others may get some resolution if they are still looking for it.

    I found Rob B. of CZT here in Tucson, AZ. He has opened up a shop called Subversive Speed and Machine. I have a business card for the new business as well as other personal information on Rob.
    His website was here:

    I know where he works, his personal information and such will be provided to those who it should be. I will wait for the Admin to tell me how this should happen.

    It has long since been confirmed that this is Rob B. of this site and others formally. He was banned for some really bad deals and he told me that he feels that he tried to make things work but to many people threatend his life, were showing up outside his house at all hours... He told me his reasons but they were frankly.... not something I even really remembered.
    I found Rob when he sold me a Red Probe GT with things I knew to be rare to the KL Community (CZT Intake Manifold, some really old style traction bars, CZT Tranny brace that says CZT right on it, and so much more) and he passed it off as he knew the car but not completely. Like he did not want to give to much information to me. I played the same as it is never good to let someone know you know these items are rare, they want to raise the prices.

    Well after delivering the car I started taking pictures and posting them up... saying I had the only CZT Intake Manifold ever made.... then I ran into the owner who thought he had the only one.... and the pieces started to come together.
    I started looking up CZT and looking for information... then I found the name Rob B. (I am sorry his last name is really odd and I do not have it in front of me)... and suddenly did not know what to think.

    I started to ask questions, talk to Mod's and Admin... I gathered all the information I could and waited. I was still waiting on the Title to this Probe... they were putting it in one of his employee's names because he did not want me to see his full name. I called this employee for an update and asked him Rob's last name... he spelled it for me and it was identical... I told Admin's and Mod's what I found out and asked all threads be removed. I denyed any requests for information or even knowing Rob because if things went south I KNEW he would screw me.

    After a month or so I still had not gotten the title and I was starting too see a pattern. I had talked to local shops around here and found Rob was offering to do work for different shops... and one had taken his offer... that was 2-3 months ago and he had gotten nothing.
    This shop is Motorsport Warehouse. I told the owner some information but not everything as he was still working with Rob to get his items and I made it clear I did nto want Rob knowing too much yet... I would be telling many others he had taken and giving them all a chance but I did not want set things off until everything was in the clear for me.

    I proceeded after this to contact the Police, I spoke with Detectives, gave them all the information and the car's Vin to assure it was not stolen. They said he came back clear as did the car but they would keep the information on file.

    After even more time passed I finally played my card, I still did not have the title and I was not going to be taken if I could help it. First his employee defended him but within minutes Rob was calling me, yelling and saying yes I found the Owner of CZT and saying I never should have posted anything on the forums. I did not let on too much and got Rob to believe I did not care. Since I was banned for awhile it seemed to work. He told me he had tried to make good on things but everything just went wrong. People backed out due to pricing when others tried to come out with Intake Manifolds and Kits. (He talked about PMO quite a few times) He said when he made the next Intake Manifold that was thought to be the only one he was trying to make good on what happened and things went to hell. People were showing up at his house, threatening him etc. He told me more and honestly I can not remember it all. But he said he finally gave up and said “**** them”. Every time he tried to make right things went to hell so forget it. (He even talked about advising others who were building IM's etc)
    He told me how he lost his wife over all this and they just now got back together, etc.

    Two days later I had a title in that employee's name and Rob asking me not to say anything. I agree'd and knowing he was watching the forums I waited. I again talked to Mod's and Admin but I wanted to wait for him to get comfortable and not being on the verge of running. I also heard he was moving into a new shop so def not the time to move in on posting.

    I waited and watched things. I found out he FINALLY delivered the items to Motorsport Warehouse just a few weeks ago. However he argued with the Owner saying how things needed to be compared to how the owner wanted it. That owner is now going to have the parts remade the way he wants. (Obviously with another shop)

    So this week I sat back and decided it was finally safe to post everything so that maybe, just MAYBE everyone here could get closure.

    Now I want to remind those here that he has run before, so do not threaten him or stalk him. Do the RIGHT thing and get the police involved! They are aware of him and they will take action with all the information together. Contact legal assitance whatever it takes but do it right. Forcing him to run again will not get the job done.
    Or you can let it go. But he will NEVER make your parts. Do not question it, its just not going to happen. Get the records together and get the job handled right or do nothing at all but use this as your last chance to vent.

    I do not feel Rob was a bad guy... from my meetings with him. I can see obviously otherwise and his actions show me that he does not seem to have learned to much. I feel he has been up to the same old tricks all over again. I know the truth about him and I wish he had been everything he had promised others he would be. Our aftermarket would have had huge changes had he done so.
    I know a few have filled the gap and a few others are trying to do so (I know I personally have taken over on the Intake Manifolds) and that is why this community has remained with me for so long. I could not see not telling all those who had lost so much that he is available for them to seek justice.

    I wish everyone the best, and I want to thank those who stepped up and successfully filled the gap helping others to further this community. There are many of you out there King6, Shadome, Mike Baxter, Rick_96PGT, Harvey93GT, I4MX6, Dmark101, RaceyStacey, Scooby, Hughes46, Joe Bailey and So Many Others! I hope to always have a KL around for the fun and family it has brought me over the years, good and bad I was happy to have gone on the ride.

    Good Luck!
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    Wow I figured I would have seen more replies over here.
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      Well no one seems interested but I will ask again, do you just want the personal information DMark101 or should we just post it here for everyone?
      Denny Crane /\ Capsule E.R.
      05 GTO 408 Stroker \ 13 FRS LSx Swap (IP) / 02 Camaro SS 6.0L Chey's \ 14 F-150 5.0L / 96 MX6 M-Edition
      Give college students enough time and they can set anything on fire. --Cross & White Dart


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        I knew he was down there, but never pursued him any further because I personally had always had good dealings with him, despite the obvious problems here in the community with him..

        Good luck to all.
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