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Mr.Speed - Shipping, back order and information thread.

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    I would be the same way
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      Well if I ever do get my kit I will be the first to post it for sale on here, I sold my MX6 about 5 years ago LOL.


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        Originally posted by chrisnp136 View Post
        So if he isnt a "crook" why hasn't he gotten a hold of me to set things straight? Your telling me that he is so upside down on funds he cant even borrow someones cell phone and call? There is always a way only if there is a will.
        I'm glad you've never been that down on your luck, but it happens. Again I refuse to go into many details because it is not my place, but I am local and was around for all of it, the good and the bad. He took measurements for a lot of that stuff on my cars, we test fitted the 2.0L kit on a spare engine I had sitting in my garage. He was so excited about designing them and really just wanted to provide people with a cool power adder for the probe. Making money was secondary (and unfortunately necessary), he was really in it for the sheer engineering enjoyment. He invested everything he could into the development and production of those kits. He worked lots of overtime and extra jobs to afford it. I can assure you with absolute certainty that it was NEVER his intention to design a kit that wouldn't operate the way he advertised it, and certainly never his intention to run away with peoples money.

        As others have mentioned he stuck around for years after things went south trying to make it right. He was one of the most honest people I've ever met, whatever he told you Mac1 was without a doubt the truth.

        I can't stress enough that as bad as his customers felt, he felt 10x worse. I haven't been in contact with him for awhile so I can't answer for him at this moment, but I know he put every ounce of effort he had into fulfilling his orders and reimbursing people at that time. If he didn't get to you believe me there is a GOOD reason. And knowing Patrick it wouldn't surprise me if he came back after getting on his feet and cut all of you a check. He is that kind of guy. So it really bugs me to see people tearing him down for a really unfortunate set of circumstances that hurt him even more than it hurt his customers.

        I can feel for you, I was legitimately ripped off on a turbo kit for my rx7. The company that ripped me off is still in business too! On top of that I get harassed on the forums by that companies "fanbois" for even trying to help other people having the same issues I did with their kit. I know what it's like to be on the receiving end, and I'm still here saying Patrick is a good guy and you need to cut him a break. I'm sorry you lost money but that is the risk we take sometimes, Patrick also took a risk and lost money as well.

        That's all I have to say on the subject. Just wanted a little bit of the truth out there, instead of everyone thinking he was only out to steal peoples money.
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          I also know Pat quite well and have kept in touch until recently. I too lost a fair bit of money on these kits and it has strained on our friendship more so recently with my family's current financial situation. But i too would like to stress, Pat didn't make anything out of these kits. It has cost him not only more in the financial side but it has cost him friends as well.

          If you have never been in the situation before where your disappointment in yourself is that bad that you can no longer function then you wouldn't know where I'm coming from. But after the loss of his Mother his drive and focus were not the same.

          Even with the money owed to me I would still go out on the limb for him. He is a good guy and deserves to be happy


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            All I want from him is a reply as proof he still has my order on que. Its not asking alot at all.


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              he is not currently in any position to produce anything that i'm aware of to this level.
              Sorry. I'm not even sure how often he checks on probetalk but his mrspeed email account may still not be working.


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                mac1, why would you ever categorize PRD in with PMO and CZT? And why would Mr. Speed better? PRD has provided quality products to thousands of Probers.
                Mr. Speed, maybe provided defective products to 3, and ripped off maybe 10?
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                  last I checked PRD is turning into P.A. but staying below the radar.
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