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Peak and hold injector driver box

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  • Peak and hold injector driver box

    Need to run really big injectors? Like 225 to 550 lb/hr? Or have a set of old low-z injectors that you just don't want to swap out? We now offer an 8 channel peak and hold driver board for these low impedance injectors to make using them with an MS3-Pro or other MegaSquirt product a snap! The box itself is the proven Acceleronics Versaufeler; we tested it and were impressed with how it seemed to be nearly bulletproof and never ran hot. But we have added a unique twist to the ones we sell: They ship with our own harness color coded especially to match the MS3-Pro and MS3X injector wire color coding for easy installation with our engine management, with extra long wires to reduce the number of splices needed.

    8 channel peak and hold driver board from DIYAutoTune
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