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Originally Posted by stoker100 View Post
yes mazdaspeed 6 brakes. whats the benefit of going to a +22 offset, factory is +35 so wouldn't this bring the wheels in and decrease handling?
Negatory. 22 offset will place the wheels further out giving you a wider track and better handling.

The stock wheels 7" and fit 225's so whats the benefit of 9"?
If stock was good, nobody would change. A wider wheel will flatten and widen the tire reducing tire squirm, enhancing steering feel, response and overall grip.

And go for 235/40/17. Light for reduced inertia means better steering feel, response and acceleration, short for better gearing and acceleration and lower center of gravity, and many many many awesome options in that size, and they fit very nicely on a 9" wide wheel.

I should also mention i have TEIN coil-overs that sit quite low, i have rolled the guards but don't want offset getting in the way.
So raise it up, if you've lowered it from the pre-set position it's probably too low and compromising suspension geometry and thus handling.
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