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Originally Posted by Rebelwolf View Post
I think what gonen2 means, is to make your own lateral links. All you have to do is get some Heim joints, and a bar that goes in the middle that is threaded female at both ends. I have the same plan to make the end links you see in the photo of the car with that setup. All you would have to do is measure the length of the lateral links hole to hole, and subtract out some of the joint's length to get a DIY Lateral Link.
Yep I plan on doing this too. Just need to know the size of the bolt also so you can size up the heim ends correctly. I know jk96pgt said he was gonna get some measurement and also do a write up about them but haven't seen anything. I think I'll PM him about it sometime. Not too much in a hurry to get em yet.

Also to help you find the connectors look for: "connector rods/tube" or "swedged rods" if I remember correctly in correspondance with searching for heim joint ends. I had a hard time finding the the rods but an easy time finding some of the heim ends. Not sure if anyone has run into this as well.
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