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Originally Posted by Michael A.
Anybody know if you can buy the proper sized inner axle wire circlips from Ford or Mazda?

I had the stuck left inner axle problem on my MX-6 and had to use chisels as wedges under the CV housing, driving them in with a big hammer. It broke the inner splined end of the axle off (inside of the circlip groove) and it fell into the trans. I used a magnet tool to get the piece out, which was a ring of metal.

The chisels and hammering distorted the trans case near the seals, so I had to clean all of that up to get the seal to go back in. The car has not run since then (ZE swap) but it looks like it is now leaking in this area. If so, it means I will have to swap my trans for another one. I'll drive on it first to see if it stops (it might be overfilled now) but I'm not too confident. It will be a real bummer to have to pull the trans now.

I think it is better to pull the inner joint apart and take the tripod and shaft out. Pull the trans with the old housing still in place. Clean the old inner housing, grease it up, and install the rebuilt shaft into the old housing. This might not last forever, but it will be far less hassle that swapping the trans (if you have the same result I did).

Just a word to the wise...

You can find them at Ford, $5 for a pair but they dont make them any more so good luck finding them. I had mine shipped from Utah and the guy on the phone said he would just drop them in USPS for ยข37 there so small, if you have to have them shipped ask them to do that.
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