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Hi, I'm Belvin. i own a 93 Ford Probe that I purchased from my Grandmother. This is m

my first car and it's far exceeded my expectations. Once my Grandma threw me the keys, and I went out and started it for the first time. I was hooked. It's a 5 speed manual transmission with 3 pedals, one being for the clutch. It's super fast for a stock car and the stereo is no slouch LOL! I've been jamming my ears and slamming gears all day and night. I think I spent $200 in a couple days in gas alone! Anyone know they guy who invented the 100mpg carburator? LMFAO! I'll be posting pictures soon. My sister is a photographer and took pictures. Thanks guys. Can't wait to learn more about modifications.

Belvin. (you can call me Melvin)
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