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Probe People Meet I

So, I've had this idea for a while now. Actually, I've had this idea for about 6 years and counting. I want to put together a meet with the people that have at one point in time been involved with the probe community or still are. With all my travels from ND, to S. Korea, and then to Italy, I just haven't been able to make my idea come to fruition, until now.

Now that we have our new home finally built and moved in, things have finally settled, and with me coming back in January, I decided that I would now put this supermeet together. Here are the basics:

What: PPM I
Where: Tucson and possibly Phoenix
When: March 16 - 19
Who: A lot of old school probe people plus anybody really
Why: To continue fostering the camraderie that all of us have experienced throughout the years

I wanted to throw something together that doesn't necessarily revolve around the cars. Sure, for most of us it's what brought us all together but IMO, it was just the catalyst. To me it's about the people and the many friendships created from all this, so we're basically going to get together down in Tucson, AZ and have some fun. What exactly do I have planned?

- going up to the Pavillions in Phoenix on Saturday

- BBQ/party at either our house or the park in Sahuarita

- Group tour of the aerospace museum

- dinner at either Takamatsu or Sakura

I have a few more ideas but it'll have to wait till I get home. It's kind of hard to plan a meet when I'm halfway across the world. Just to give you an idea of how big this meet will be, I've already got confirmations from people coming from the Northwest, East coast, Chicago, and hell, even Canadia.

Just a disclaimer, this isn't intended to replace or supplement any other meet like MM or HH. It's just something I've always wanted to throw together and this time in March is really the only time we could do it. Oh, and I am open to suggestions as far as things to do, but just remember. It's going to be a lot of people flying in from all over, some possibly with families and rental cars, lots of rental cars.

So there it is. If anybody is interested or needs additional information, just get a hold of me by either PMs here or
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