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Hi dear Probe fans !

I desperatly need you assistance. I've placed an order on in 2011. (I know it was ages ago) Mark Colgan who is th owner of that website was meant to send me an exhaust pipe.

I first ordered this the 11.08.2011 after somehow my first order got lost :
Scorpion Stainless Steel Back Box for 189£

he told me that I had to wait.. Waited for weeks but never arrived so I suggested that I would give him more money and get a more expensive model that as he said would arrived much more quickly.

19.08.2011 - Mark : "I'm unsure as Scorpion are very slow, the only keep one Probe exhaust at a time"

So he said I'll make you a credit, pay the difference and you'll get a Remus since as he said "they are much more reliable". I did the 16.11.2011

The 12.12.2011, I receive this message from Mark after asking about my 376 pounds remus : "This sounds a little like the last order....but Remus are a far more reliable company."

The 17.01.2012 : I said : So please cancel my order and transfer me back the money as soon as possible.
I'll probably buy that Remus pipe in a few month but right now I just want my money back.
The amount is the price of the Remus pipe : £376.99

Here is the answer : "I'd prefer not to go down this route, I've already paid in advance for the Remus and it's due very shortly."

Fair enough.. but

The 01.02.2012 Mark said : "Remus have it in shipping to me "

The problem is that I've been waiting since then... The man won't pay me back. I said ok then let me get other things in exchange but then again pretended it was sent gave me a tracking number that never worked.

We've been talkign since then but lie after lie I'm still empty handed this very day

A year ago I said ok I'll make it easy for you send me some maintenance products for 400£ more or less and we'll be even ! He agreed to that but I'm still waiting.

I call this a pure fraud. What should I do. Let people know ok, but what else.

He keeps sayins he'll send me those products but never stick to his word basically. I've got hundred of emails from him telling me don't worry since 2011 basically !!! It's madness, greed or compulsive lying) !

The 02.09.2014 (same story) Mark Colgan : "understood! this will happen as soon as I possibly can" 3 years later the man still has my 400£ on his account and sent me nothing.

Many thanks to you all !

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