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Hot Coil and No Start

Hoping someone will see this. Anyway, I am putting back together an 1988 Mazda MX6 GT. I had the motor rebuilt and the new engine actually ran twice for times periods of 8 to ten minutes and then died both times. After dying the second time, it refuses to start again. I was able to pull a code one from it (ignition pulse, aka no spark) but no other codes are present. I have also noticed a very warm coil when the key is turned on. Clearly, since it gets so warm, I have power to the coil. I also have power to the igniter and have checked all grounds under the hood that I am aware of. As far as different components, I have tried a different coil, igniter, engine wiring harness and distributor. I am getting fuel on all four plugs so there's not a fuel problem. BTW, the distributor is a brand new, just out of the box OEM one, complete with new cap and rotor button. The engine cranks well (normally) it just won't fire. Any suggestions, theories, any tidbits of possibilities are extremely welcome.
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