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Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate

I am now working on retrofiting the USA headlamps.
I have the Euro Headlamps with the small cover and ajusting level beam.
The USA headlamps are really rare in Europe. I think the opposite is true for you in the USA
And we can't just swap the covers because the mounting points are not the same.

So, here is side by side a comparison.
Blue : EU spec headlight
Black : US spec headlight

H4 versus sealed beam:

So I totaly strip down the US headlight that I have bought from the USA on ebay.

Sand blasted and primed to remove any spot of rust:

Painted in original Metalic Blue:

All shinny and rust free

Also cleaned all the hardware and screw:

And installed my EU bulbs in the US bulb holder. So they are ok for the MOT ? (annual inspection of the car) and I don't need to cut the original H4 plugs.

Now I have to install them on the car
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