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Originally Posted by ZE-Infused View Post
why the s2k lip? just wanna try something different?
id be curious to see the ds01s on it. Ive thought about going with the gold but still thinking getting some 3pc and rebuilding them.
Yeah something different and the body kit I'm going with matches the lines. I can't wait til they get here I want to see then so bad lol ups says next Wednesday. What wheels?

Originally Posted by dillinr View Post
tl;dr I almost ****ing hate the stanced bull shit, and your gear shifter is ridiculous like a porn star dildo ridiculous, but I always appreciate hard work done well and rather like your choice of wheels, very classy. If that's your flavor I predict the car will turn out looking pretty awesome.
Lol alot of people hate it and alot of people love it. Unfortunately for me I love it and I've already had a stanced ef hatch. I've also been told that about the shift knob. I've replaced it already lol. Thank you though sir much appreciated.

Originally Posted by Brizzy View Post
^^ I think he mentioned ditching the shift knob
Yes I already did.

Originally Posted by dillinr View Post
Oh good. Or, whatever, it's your style, I don't care how much I ****ing hate it, as long as you own it I'll applaud it.

Besides, who the **** am I to judge, $20k into an old car and it still makes only 150whp.
Lol its alright man its your car and your money you do what you want. I appreciate all builds. People work hard to get there car how they like it but in the car scene now a days some people will hate it with a passion some will actually like it alot.
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