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Originally Posted by dammitcam View Post
You couldn't pay me to run another set of Nankang tires
You are one of the mixed reviews that pops up about these tires then.

Originally Posted by dammitcam View Post
please leave the stance bs with the hondas and subarus and other cars... These cars are getting too few and far between to have them ragged out and tore up. also, stancing out a car defeats the purpose of even having power.. No reason in making it if you can't put it to the road.
I believe any car can be what you want it to be with time, money, hard work and effort. This car will be put together accordingly. There are also alot of stanced cars putting down power as well. You can have best of both worlds.

The stance scene is not for everybody I know that.

Originally Posted by proboner View Post
wait so we wont get to see those wheels on the car? I've been waiting for this!
No sorry. I have a guy who already wants them .

Originally Posted by n8r View Post
stance doesnt always mean wide wheels and skinny tires. hes running a 245 on a 10.5" rim, thats hardly stretched
Exactly! I don't get why people hate stanced cars so much. I mean there is already two probes that have done it and they look great! Shaun and Erik's probe.
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