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Originally Posted by P1P View Post
I don't understand why you care what they think

It's your car and your money as long as you enjoy what you doing and what the car looks like in the end

f..k these hating azz b..tches

when their opinion start to matter then tell them to donated to your car fund
That's why I'm scared of car shows now. People always got something negative to say. I'll just learn to ignore it.

Originally Posted by Brizzy View Post
I'm not a huge fan of stretched tires. But I like the stance look.
I don't think it will be too stretched I believe but hopefully the stance will be great when I'm done.

Originally Posted by BradsPGT View Post
Definitely looking forward to this build. I like the JNC wheels, but those aodhan are beauties. I've actually looked at a few styles of those aodhan wheels, let me know what you think about the quality when you get them.

As for the Nankangs (I've used NS-2), I've used them for over 5 years now and they're great daily tires - good in the wet and dry, never seen snow. If you try to launch it hard, they're definitely not super sticky but they do the job for a road car. I personally love them... enough that I bought a set of NS-2R for some test and tune nights.
Yeah I would of kept the jnc but decided to go wider lol. I was searching for a very long time before I decided on the nankang ns 20s. It was all mixed reviews but I bit the bullet and bought them. Thank you for your review on them I hope mine are just as great.

Originally Posted by dukes193 View Post
This build looks like it is going to come together very well. I can't wait to see some updates. Keep up the good work.
Thank you sir. I'll for sure be updating alot as I'm serious about this.
Originally Posted by Pieterprobe View Post
Good work buddy, me likey
Me likey too lol

Side note - wheels came in this morning I'm picking them up from ups as I have to sign and I wouldn't have been home when they dropped them off. Also I'm buying my coilovers today!

Updated mods list
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