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Welcome to my life. Going to shows with a Probe can be hard if you are thin skinned. I have watched as judges have scored my car low and other cars like Mustangs that looked like like they were just drug out of some back woods junkyard high. I have heard the laughter and crude comments at every show I have been to. No matter what show I have been too I have never fit in with it. hot rodders, racers, oldies, muscle cars, lowriders, mini truckers, imports, and every other type of car I stand alone.

Even with all that there has always been at least one person who has came up to me to talk about my Probe. That is the person I go to the shows to meet. I show for myself and that one lone soul out there that will enjoy seeing my car there.
It's sad how cruel and negative people can be. They expect everyone to like what they like and build a car just like there's. I know there is hope because Shaun and Erik gets alot of compliments on there cars and so many other probe owners do too I believe.

I all I want to do is build a one of a kind probe.
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