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Originally Posted by junior419 View Post
10000K Deep Blue Bi-Xenon Slim Hid/4X6 H4651/H4652/H4656/H4666 Diamond Headlights

Amazon. Best deal I found that I personally purchased. Only problem with the h4 conversion is that our plugs from our harness do not simply plug into the h4 setup due to havING an odd slant to the connector.

So to get these to work I simply removed the female connectors from the plastic plug guide and slid them on to the conversion kit male connectors, then simply wrapped them in electrical tape. (TIP make sure you don't mix up high and low beam wires or you will kick yourself trying to adjust these) when ever I would flip to high beams they would point lower to the ground]

The new diamond head light assemblys are clear and look great. They are left and right specific and do have a label on them for which end of the headlights is the top end. So don't mix these up.

I also recommend the 60,000k not the 100,000k unless you don't do to much country driving. Because you won't be able to see very well with 100,000k. Also 60.000k is the closest you can get to brightness of the sun.

Last thing the rubber seals need a little modification to fit the hid bulbs
How do I do all this? I dont drive to the country.

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