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6,000 doesn't have the whitest light. 4.3k-5k bulbs at 35watts does. 6k with 55w ballast actually burn close to 4.5k iirc. The youtube link will help talk about this:

See here for color spectrum:

I highly recommend Diode Dynamics. These are professionals that have science to support and explain HIDs rather than some company making claims without evidence.

With that said, you'll have to invest in some projectors if you go the HID route. Well worth the money. Is your safety at night worth skimping a few hundred dollars? That's the question you've got to ask yourself. If you can't afford a proper HID/projector setup, then regular incadecent bulbs are the way to go.

I personally don't believe in the 55w hype, but it's not necessarily all rubbish. Do your research and with anything, ask yourself if it boosts your ego because if it does, then you may be buying the wrong thing for the wrong reason.

See here for color spectrum:

Here's from The Retrofit Source:

Kelvin and Lumens (35W)
3K Range :Golden Yellow (~2800 lm)
4K Range :Warm White (~3100 lm)
5K Range: Pure White (3000 lm)
6K Range: Cool White (2900 lm)

XB55 50W Ballasts+20% intensity) (-20% lifespan)
TRS says pure white is 5k, and perhaps my own eyes see things differently, however, I perceive 4.5k to be closer to pure white.

4k provides the most lumens and, debatably, whitest light. Under severe weather conditions (ie wet roads), white light will reflect easily and thus illumination is poor. 3k bulbs allow contrast and do not reflect as easily and the road is illuminated more clearly.

Some people do see better with 6k because of the slight bluish/white contrast. There's nothing wrong with 6k, but it is not the whitest of lights. However, if you are going higher than 6k, you will be reducing lumenosity and essentially "decorating" your car for form rather than for function.

I would not follow junior419's advice.

I'm not affiliated with any of the merchants posted above. I'm simply trying to provide sound information/facts and pass contact information of honest businesses that have quality products and customer service.

Keep in mind, bulbs color temps go up with age/use.
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