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Welcome Paisley.

I don't know if places like Ziebart still exist, but that's what I had done to my '94 GT the same week I bought it new. It was not only an undercoating service, but also included spraying the insides of the quarter panels using access holes in the door jams.

At that point, Ziebart had nationwide outlets, and the service was guaranteed for the lifetime of the vehicle as long as you brought it back in every year to be inspected and recoated if necessary. All I know is that the body panels have outlasted the factory paint.

Most automated car washes have an option for also spraying the undercarriage, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to pay extra for that on occasion too.

Oil and filter is personal preference. I've used Mobil 1 full synthetic oil and filters designed for synthetic oil from day one, but lifter ticking noise seems inevitable on these engines, so just know that's normal if it happens.

Other than that, the previous suggestions were good, so the only other thing I'd recommend is one of those whiplash braces to save your neck from all the Probe POWA!!!!

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