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J_Unit, I am afraid you are right. Do I have to lift the entire car for that? How high?

The weather is finally nice here so I actually just removed the battery and air box to have a look at the slave cylinder. Where the hack is it?

By the way, when engine is not running, the I can press clutch and it come back normally, there is some squealing noise though, that has been there for years, it's like the hinge needs to be oiled or something. When engine is running there is lots of hissing from throw out bearing and when I press clutch engine is about to stall. I did not keep it pressed but it felt like engine would stall.

I still harbor a hope that clutch removal will not be necessary, but if it will I might need all the help there is. Even if anyone knows a reliable shop on long island or lives near me I would be glad to know.
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