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MAF and IAC Cleaning (Updated Jan 3rd 2010)

This is a link to a site that explains how to clean the MAF and IAC, complete with full color pictures.

Thanks to bobmon69
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There is another way of cleaning the iac valve that hasnt been discussed. This procedure is for 93-95 2.0 probes.

Remove the 4 bolts holding the iac valve onto the throttle body.
Turn the valve upside down and youll see 3 cavities.(There are four cavity holes but only three actual cavities.)
What you want to do is; pour Seafoam (cleaner that removes carbon) into the cavity directly below the electrical solenoid.
Fill the cavity and completely cover the plunger (you can see the tip of the plunger inside of the cavity).
Look closely as you want to make absolutely certain that you pour the solution into the right cavity).
Leave the solution soak for 15 minutes.
Then, dump out the solution being careful not to get the fluid into the other cavities.
Apply compressed air for 20 seconds into both sides of the cavity to blow out the carbon deposits.
Again, fill the cavity with seafoam but this time do not let it soak. Dump the solution and re-apply compressed air and make sure all the carbon and seafoam are removed.
Connect the IAC valve to the engine harness making sure the key is off.
Hold the IAC valve and watch the plunger while an assistant turns the key to the 'on' position.
Do not crank the engine as coolant leakage will occur.
The plunger should move open and close quickly.
If the plunger does not move; the procedure must be repeated. (Remember to disconnect the IAC valve from the harness.)
If the plunger opened and closed normally; disconnect the IAC plug from the harness, then pour water into the solenoid cavity.
Dump the water out.
Do this 2 or 3 times.
Apply compressed air for 20 seconds until the cavity is dry.
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