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2nd Gen (93-97) V6 2.5L Discussion of Maint Issues for V6

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OK, most all these comments are from 7 years back, but I had my first alternator fail in my 93 GT. Your comments were very helpful, and what I found worked best for me was to remove the radiator fans/shroud. You have to disconnect a few hoses and drain some fluid, but only 4 bolts actually hold it in. From the top I was able to actually see the two top bolts holding the A/C compressor, and it was relatively easy removing them, and then getting the bottom two bolts from underneath. I did hang the compressor on a wire, but the lines seem quite solid just the same. Then just a matter of swinging that alternator down and out once the compressor is out of the way. Cleaned everything off, hooked it all up, re-assembled all the removed parts, and alternator is working perfect. Now, to all those other "issues" that need fixin'.....
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