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I4 to V6 Swap Specifications

Since there are all the I4-V6 threads that are posted all the time I figure its about time to sticky one with all the needed information. Here is a list of EVERYTHING you will need to do for this swap.
Before you EVER consider this swap, make it easier on yourself and buy a donor car( V6 MTX GT). You can find one cheap with a decent motor but maybe a trashed body.

Prepping to remove motor

1. Unbolt the exhuast from the header ([2] 17mm nuts)
2. Remove header
3. Remove hood ([4] 12mm bolts)
4. Unbolt front motor mount from crossmember ([2] 17mm nuts)
5. Unbolt lower tranny mount from crossmember ([2] 14mm nuts)
6. Remove subframe support and crossmember ([8] 17mm Bolts and [2] 17mm nuts)
7. Remove "chair" bracket from rear "transmission" mount and transmission ([3] 17mm Bolts and [1] 17mm nut attached to mount through bolt)
8. Remove rear "transmission" mount ([2] 17mm nuts [1] 17mm bolt)
9. Unplug all electrical connectors from engine wiring harness.
10. Remove A/C compressor hoses ([2] 12mm Bolts)
11. Remove power streering pump hose ([2] 12mm Bolts) ([1] 10mm bolt on Valve Cover)
12. Remove passenger side and drivers side axels ([2] 1 1/4 Hub Nuts)
13. Attach engine hoist to engine hooks
14. Remove passenger side motor mount ([1] 17mm Bolt)
15. Remove drivers side motor mount ([3] 17mm nuts and [2] 17mm bolt)

Motor/Transaxle removal

1. Remove the 2.0L motor and transmission.
2. Remove the main engine harness (you must remove drivers side fender, harness goes through frame infront of the door)
3. Unplug all engine harness connections under the dash
4. Remove the interior dash
( Note: does not HAVE to be done, but makes things easier. If you are a 2.0L ATX swapping to a 2.5L MTX then you MUST remove dash to install pedals)

5. Unbolt ECU harness from ECU (10mm bolt)
6. Unbolt the ECU
7. Remove the ECU harness (harness that goes through the firewall held inplace by a large rubber dust boot)

Repeat all previous removal steps on the donor car

All 2.0L and 2.5L motor mounts are interchangeable EXCEPT Automatic model front mounts are not compatible on Manuals)

Repeat all removal steps in reverse to install the new V6 motor and transmission
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