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Step By Step HEI Install On The 95-97 Disty With Blaster2 Coil

Ok, so after taking weeks to do my hei install and seeing others constantly struggle with finding the answers as to how to do this i've decided to type up a step by step guide to the hei install on the 95-97 probe....with pics.

this is the link for the wiring diagram that we'll be useing for this install....'s the one i've used so i know it works.

the things you are gonna need are

~hei module $20
~blaster 2 coil $50
~10ft or so of good high temp wire 16gage $5
~pack of self tapping connectors $5
~pack of assorted connectors $5(must have at least 4 female and 2 "fisheye" connectors
~L-shaped bracket
~small bolt with nut and small nut same tread as old intake box nut.
~wire loom(optional) $15
~coil mounting bracket $10
~ silicon

the tools needed will be

~wire cutters
~drill with assorted bits
~dremal or other rotory tool
~assorted sockets

first thing as with any electrical work diconnect the battery. then unplug the three pin connector from the disty. this will no longer have to pulg into the disty so reposition as nessisary for easiest acsess. with the plug facing up use a self tapping connector to attach a peice of wire to the (should be) green wire coming from left side or the plug. on the other end of this peice of wire your gonna put a female connector but put another peice of wire in this connector before clamping it on the wire. this other peice o wire will go to the coil later on. plug that female connector onto the c pin on the hei.
next use another self tapping connector to attach a peice of wire to the (sould be) black w/ pink tracer wire on the right of the 3 pin connector. keep in mind that for some reason these wires arent always the right color(as you can see in my pics), the position of the wire in the harnest is whats important, not its color. now the 3 pin should look like this.

now on the other end of this wire we just connected your gonna want to run this a female connector with another wire as we did before. this other wire will go to the coil. plug the connector into pin b on the hei.

next disconnect the 6 pin connector and cut the far left, (should be) green w/ black tracer wire. useing a self tapping connector connect a peice of wire to the ecu side of this wire.

put a female connector to the other end of this wire and then connect it to the g pin on the hei. reconnect the 6 pin to the disty.

next you need to supply a ground to the hei. you can do this as shown in the diagram or as fallows. take a short peice of wire and put a female connector on one end and a fisheye on the other. plug the female into w pin on the hei and run the mounting bolt thru the fish eye. next take a peice of wire cut to langth that will reach a good groung from the hei. put fish eyes on both ends. run the bolt thru one of the fish eyes and then thru the mounting hole on the side of the hei near the c pin. put the bolt thru a whole(drill if nessisary) in the L-shaped bracket and attach nut on other side. run the other end with the fish eye to a GOOD ground. this is very important.

next dill a whole in the L-shaped bracket big enuogh for the old air box stud to fit thru. when mounted should look like the fallowing..

more yet to come.....

next what were going to do is mount the coil. make sure it's close enough that the coil wire will reach the disty. once you've found a good loction and have the coil mounted you gonna want to connect the extra wire from the c pin on the hei and connect it to the negitive side of the coil. the extra b pin wire goes to the positive side of the coil.

now your wiring is done!!! i know everyones wondering about the tach, i didnt rewire mine and it works. with the 95-97 the ecu should recive a signal from the cps and send it to the tach. no rewiring should be nessisary. if you tach dosent work after the hei then re wire it according to the diagram.

i used colored wire loom to put the wires in for a cleaner look. this is up to you, you can also wrap the wires in electrical tape, this will at least make it look half way nice. please dont just leave wires all over like some tweaker. it looks like hell.

next we have to get that new found power from the coil to the disty. the first step in this is to remove the disty cap. next we are gonna cut the tower on the stock coil.

now we have to attach the "power tower" to the dist cap, you will have to cut and trim the bottom of the powertower to get it to work with this cap. you'll see what i'm talking about. next drill a whole slightly smaller then the diameter of the screw for the powertower thru the raised part of the cap. then attach the power tower to the cap. it should look something like this when it's done. (i'm not good with silicon, and it was cold when i did it, so excuse me. you'll get the basic concept..)

the parts where theres extra silicon was from drilling too big of hole earlier. i also filled the part of the cap where the old coil went in with silicon.

to test that you connection is good use a dvom in ohms and put one lead on the top of the power tower and the other lead on the rotor button.(pictured above) as long as theres ohm when it's connected your good. next run a coil wire from the coil to the cap, double check EVERYTHING and then start your car, drive it and sleep peacful at night knowing that your car isnt suddenly gonna just stop running and never start again.

Note: to those that cant afford the blaster 2, i do not know how to do this using the stock coil, the powertower comes with the blaster 2 so i dont know how to use any other coil than that one. the $50 is better than a $250 disty right?
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