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Car Audio and Electronics

All posts in the Car Audio and Electronics forum have to meet PT's standard rules, but beyond those, there are a couple of extras I thought I'd throw in to make things more smooth.

1) Have Fun - This should be the one to be taken most seriously. I expect everyone in here to have fun and enjoy their stay.

2) If you have something to share then go ahead. The main LOUNGE is for just about everything non-probe related. Well this is the audio forum so if something funny happened to you while you were installing someones stereo then tell us about it - we love stories

3) We're all in this to learn something - if someone doesn't know then it's not the end of the world - simply tell him his error and help him out to the best of your ability.

4) PARTICIPATE - Don't be one in here bites

That's it! Enjoy



THERE IS A FOR SALE FORUM - It was fine while there were only a few people posting things every now and then but enough is enough - I will close all for sale related posts upon sight and may delete them if grumpy or upset at the time so beware!

POST CLEAR AND PRECISE SUBJECTS IN NEW POSTS! I'm sick of reading "need advice" or "please help" or even the ever-so-popular "have a question" - of course you have a question or you need advice - THAT'S WHY YOU'RE POSTING! Be clear about the subject or I will rename them or even close them until you repost with an appropriate topic. It's not that difficult guys.

Everyone telling you to search? That's because there are at least 3 repeat topics a week - it's in there somewhere, I guarantee - if you did actually sear then fine, no problem, but it's most likely been covered before - don't always expect detailed answers.

WHAT IS IS THAT YOU'RE ASKING? BE SPECIFIC IN THE POST'S CONTENT - You're obviously asking for help or advice...that's wonderful - but make sure you actually get to the point somewhere in the post.

Stop posting about the best subs or what sub you should get. DO SOME RESEARCH - the net is out there and it's big. What I can find, you can find. It's perfectly fine to ask opinions on different subs - such as which would suit your system 1st, but I'll close any post in which I don't find any background research done! Don't waste everyone's time.

It may seem harsh, I know, but I'm not letting this forum go down the drain. Any complaints, please PM me.

I think if you guys join in the effort we can make this work. The forum would look so much cleaner and be a lot more organized. Double posts would be minimized and noone would have to feel bad about having a post closed because it was already posted a week ago.

Everyone gets a cookie

posted by forum moderator SkyCatcher